Things to consider in choosing a web host

Technology on web innovation today has grown fast and been part of everyone’s activity.  It continues improving our lives in many fields; social, industries, education, commerce, etc.  Web hosting is one the advancements in internet technology today.  It is a service that let people post a website or page to the net.   It has a server that connects the web address to the users. Web sites are hosted and stored on servers.  There are hosting companies that require you to own a domain or purchase one.  If you choose to host a web with, you can get all support and needs. But what are the things to consider in choosing a  web host?  Here are some things to note.

Backup and security

There are different website back up that you can choose depending on your budget and timescale. You can have the low-tech method manually, but it has a lot of points to consider like the slow downloading of a bigger page, you have to remember to back up regularly, and you have to manage your data storage. Another way to back up is through cPanel, cloud solution, Rsync, and the automated back up solution. Each has limitation but still, provide security to your page. The last way to back up is the automatic back up, the feature-rich solution that offers free, automated and data base back up. Code guards detect and alert malware in the data. Re-downloading the entire website is also included in this automatic back up.



Look for a host that offers simple log in capabilities, make easy changes and updates to content. But not only the changes, but also easy access to emails and tools in searching. It is also worth considering the unlimited mailboxes. More importantly to consider is the type of marketing and content strategy they offer.  An excellent panel allows you to control every aspect of the site.Great web host offers a support any time that anything goes wrong. Another is having a tool like video tutorials once the user is new to the site, forum tool to seek help and advice about problems that user may encounter, and allows installing app easily in just single click.  Lastly, it has to offer a significant storage and bandwidth for your data too.



A good web host offers free advertising credits.  It helps saving budget in promoting the product or services of your page.

Other feature

For more advanced service, you may consider a web host that offers a shell access that lets you copy files securely and perform secured multi task. If you want to configure files and use a password to protect them, rewrite Url’s, redirect pages, etc., you may choose a host that offers ht access file.

The ideas shared are just  few of the things to consider in selecting a great web host. Changes and updates to web hosting happen anytime. You can further research and read related topics to update.