Finding The Best Cable Modem Router

Is there a need to purchase a modem router when your ISP provides one? The answer is yes. Internet service providers charge rental fees for a monthly service for their modems. Unfortunately, accumulation of these fees for about a year can buy you a new modem.

What to look for

trg23wed6fyh8ei3As much as you can trust your ISP to give you a modem router, which fits your requirements, in most instances, purchasing yours can mean better performance. In fact, it can pay for itself even before the expiry of the warranty. It is advisable to purchase a modem with at least two-year warranty. In this way, you can maximize your investment.


You ought to be sure whether your internet service is compatible with the modem router before buying. DSL providers and cable providers offer various delivery methods. According to, you need to purchase a unit that is compatible. Renting a modem router can cost you about $150 per year. However, if you purchase yours, it can pay for itself in less than a year. The right modem routers provide a combination of performance, reliability, and compatibility. You can find one that bundles all these features together.

High speed

If your ISP offers download speeds of more than 50 Mbps, you are advised to purchase a high-speed modem. This is quite important if you want to play video games or stream HD videos online. It will also help you to download huge files quickly. High-speed modems should have at 100 Mbps upload speed and over 600 Mbps.

Modem router combo

t2gwedfc7uhwed8fikl2If you got a rental modem from your ISP, the likelihood is that it is modem router combo. A router makes wireless connections a reality. These devices are easily available. They are more compact and cost-effective as compared to two separate devices. However, if one of them stops working, then you need to replace all of them. This is because the initial setup is much involved as compared to the separate units.

What is DOCSIS?

Nowadays, ISPs have made buying a modem quite tricky due to compatibility differences. For instance, top cable internet providers such as Time Warner and Comcast use DOCSIS standard. This can be regarded as the language of communication between the modem and ISP. Thus, if you want to purchase a replacement modem, ensure you check the DOCSIS standard for compatibility purposes. For instance, DOCSIS 3.0 allows a maximum of 8 channels upstream and 24 channels downstream.…