Features to check when buying a dashboard camera

A dashboard is an essential car safety accessory for new and also seasoned drivers. The work of a dashboard camera is to offer you additional viewing power and control when driving. There are several dash cameras available, and you might be confused by the wide choice. When it comes to buying a dashboard camera, the features are very important; you need to consider aspects like technology and also functionality. Dash Cam Safety offers you with a variety of all dashboard cameras that you need. The idea is to buy a dashboard camera that will perform well and give you value for your money.

Features of a good dashboard camera

Automatic start and stop

The automatic start and stop being one of the most important features when looking for a dashboard camera. You need to consider a camera that goes on and off automatically. For instance, most of the dash cameras will automatically start when you put the ignition key. This acts as a sensor that you are about to drive and this is a good feature. At the same time, the camera will automatically go off when you stop and park the car. An automatic dash camera will save you the time needed to switch it on and off.


Overwriting old records

When you buy a dashboard camera, it usually comes with a memory card. The role of the memory card is to store the recordings of the camera. If the memory card is full, then the camera cannot store more recordings. However, when buying a dash camera, consider buying one that can overwrite old recordings and replace them with new ones. With this type of camera, you don’t need to keep deleting old recordings all the time.

Recording resolution

The recording resolution of the dash camera has to do with the quality of images that you can see. If you need a normal camera for driving and reversing, then the resolution might not be a big issue to consider. However, if you are looking for a camera that will record professional videos for other uses, then the resolution is a very important feature when making a purchase.


Viewing angle

The viewing angle is also something worth considering when buying a dash camera. You need to consider the viewing angle of the camera. A good car camera should allow you a reasonable distance away from your car for safety purposes. With a wide viewing angle, you will be sure of getting a good user experience from the camera.