Finding The Best Cable Modem Router

Is there a need to purchase a modem router when your ISP provides one? The answer is yes. Internet service providers charge rental fees for a monthly service for their modems. Unfortunately, accumulation of these fees for about a year can buy you a new modem.

What to look for

trg23wed6fyh8ei3As much as you can trust your ISP to give you a modem router, which fits your requirements, in most instances, purchasing yours can mean better performance. In fact, it can pay for itself even before the expiry of the warranty. It is advisable to purchase a modem with at least two-year warranty. In this way, you can maximize your investment.


You ought to be sure whether your internet service is compatible with the modem router before buying. DSL providers and cable providers offer various delivery methods. According to, you need to purchase a unit that is compatible. Renting a modem router can cost you about $150 per year. However, if you purchase yours, it can pay for itself in less than a year. The right modem routers provide a combination of performance, reliability, and compatibility. You can find one that bundles all these features together.

High speed

If your ISP offers download speeds of more than 50 Mbps, you are advised to purchase a high-speed modem. This is quite important if you want to play video games or stream HD videos online. It will also help you to download huge files quickly. High-speed modems should have at 100 Mbps upload speed and over 600 Mbps.

Modem router combo

t2gwedfc7uhwed8fikl2If you got a rental modem from your ISP, the likelihood is that it is modem router combo. A router makes wireless connections a reality. These devices are easily available. They are more compact and cost-effective as compared to two separate devices. However, if one of them stops working, then you need to replace all of them. This is because the initial setup is much involved as compared to the separate units.

What is DOCSIS?

Nowadays, ISPs have made buying a modem quite tricky due to compatibility differences. For instance, top cable internet providers such as Time Warner and Comcast use DOCSIS standard. This can be regarded as the language of communication between the modem and ISP. Thus, if you want to purchase a replacement modem, ensure you check the DOCSIS standard for compatibility purposes. For instance, DOCSIS 3.0 allows a maximum of 8 channels upstream and 24 channels downstream.…


4 Advantages of Using Free Audio Converters

Online audio converters are used in turning media into the audio format that you like it to be. However, you need to put in mind that the converter should support the format. There are several online converters which offer a convenient and fast process of audio converter for mp3 m4a wav wma etc files.

When you are checking out the various audio converters, you should ensure you find one that will be supported by the format you are using. This is crucial because there are several audio formats out there but some may be unreadable because of an unsupported format. There are several benefits of using free audio converters, and they are as discussed below.

Can be easily accessed

The good thing about online free audio converters is that they can be easily accessed any time you want to use them. gbhhdhThis software are found on the web pages, and all you will require is having access to the internet, and then you are good to start the process of converting media to audio. The fact that these free audio converters are easy to access makes them highly convenient because you can purely rely on them.

They are easy to install

If you are not a software technician then installing software can be daunting more so if the software has complicated procedures for installing it. For this reason, the free audio converters are here for you and individuals who do not have software installation knowledge. Online free audio converters are easy software which you can install on your own. You will not need an expert to take you through the installation.

Multiple file conversion

trgfgggThirdly online audio converters are beneficial to the users because you will able to make several audio conversions that you wish to. For instance, you will be able to convert media to MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC. On the other hand, the audio software will allow you to extract audios from videos of your choice.

User-friendly interface

Good software is that which makes the users have the best experience while they use it. This is precisely what the free audio converters offer you when you choose to use them. These software are user-friendly and will make you enjoy while you use them. They are easy to use and very straightforward. On the other hand, the audio converters are free. You will not be asked to buy any of them, but you will instead use them as you wish at no cost.



Factors to Consider When Selecting a Coworking Space in NYC

Choosing a co-working space is not an easy task especially in NYC. With a variety of coworking space coming up around the city plus new spaces opening up now and then one can easily face a challenge in settling for the best coworking space that they can work from. One can wonder how a professional can decide on a unique and fitting their own needs and aspirations.

Additionally, we are told that the environment that one works in has a very big effect on the job that one does. That is why it is important that you find a space that has a right working environment as it will improve one’s creativity, output while achieving professional fulfillment. In this article, we are going to give a list of factors that you are supposed to consider when you are looking for a coworking space in NYC. The factors include :



Before settling on any coworking space NYC, it is advisable that you take into consideration its location. Determine if space is convenient both for you and your team. In NYC the location of your coworking space will be a major determinant if it will work best for you. It is advisable that you select a coworking space that is located near a Skytrain stop or a transit hub. This is advantageous to you as it will be easier for you to access it, your potential and existing clients plus your employees. Another factor that you should consider when thinking of selecting a location is its proximity to amenities like shops, restaurants, or even gyms. If possible if you can get coworking space that is close to your home the better.



In recent times the community and culture that makes the environment of a working place matter a lot. Even though many people dismiss it as being a mere cliché, research has shown that this truly matters. Thus it is very important that when you are selecting a coworking space, you should inquire if there is a full-time space manager or a full-time staff member who will see to it that everything in that space goes as per plan. Member benefits This is another factor that you should take into consideration. The perks and benefits that you will get while working within that coworking space is a major aspect that will determine if you settle for it or not. Some of these amenities include striking of different partnerships that can provide discounts for your rent, high-speed internet, local gyms and restaurants, professional development opportunities and a host of other benefits. For the best service of coworking space in NYC, look out for one that offers such benefits.


Space features

It is also important to take into consideration the design of the space that you want to settle for. Look out for coworking spaces that offer features like meeting rooms, lounges, broadcast rooms or even private phones. Additionally, you should look into how much of the space is shared and that which is private, so that you can make a determination of the right co-working space for you.…


Features to check when buying a dashboard camera

A dashboard is an essential car safety accessory for new and also seasoned drivers. The work of a dashboard camera is to offer you additional viewing power and control when driving. There are several dash cameras available, and you might be confused by the wide choice. When it comes to buying a dashboard camera, the features are very important; you need to consider aspects like technology and also functionality. Dash Cam Safety offers you with a variety of all dashboard cameras that you need. The idea is to buy a dashboard camera that will perform well and give you value for your money.

Features of a good dashboard camera

Automatic start and stop

The automatic start and stop being one of the most important features when looking for a dashboard camera. You need to consider a camera that goes on and off automatically. For instance, most of the dash cameras will automatically start when you put the ignition key. This acts as a sensor that you are about to drive and this is a good feature. At the same time, the camera will automatically go off when you stop and park the car. An automatic dash camera will save you the time needed to switch it on and off.


Overwriting old records

When you buy a dashboard camera, it usually comes with a memory card. The role of the memory card is to store the recordings of the camera. If the memory card is full, then the camera cannot store more recordings. However, when buying a dash camera, consider buying one that can overwrite old recordings and replace them with new ones. With this type of camera, you don’t need to keep deleting old recordings all the time.

Recording resolution

The recording resolution of the dash camera has to do with the quality of images that you can see. If you need a normal camera for driving and reversing, then the resolution might not be a big issue to consider. However, if you are looking for a camera that will record professional videos for other uses, then the resolution is a very important feature when making a purchase.


Viewing angle

The viewing angle is also something worth considering when buying a dash camera. You need to consider the viewing angle of the camera. A good car camera should allow you a reasonable distance away from your car for safety purposes. With a wide viewing angle, you will be sure of getting a good user experience from the camera.…

Benefits of using cordless drills

Cordless drills are types of drills that are designed without the inconvenience of being held back by the electricity plug outlet. Users would agree that the electric plug is a massive disadvantage when undertaking various projects. Freedom of movement is curtailed and therefore you are not able to undertake certain projects. This measure of convenience is instrumental in saving time and assuring liberty in accessing some areas that would have otherwise been inaccessible. Apart from convenience, cordless drills have lauded for the fact that they are appealing and cost-effective. Cordless drills found when you Click Here use rechargeable batteries and as such this helps you in cutting down on electricity bills. Also, the market is competitive, and therefore the prices are sensible and affordable.

It is crucial that a buyer is aware of the features and the advantages of using cordless drills.



As mentioned prior, convenience is the distinct advantage promoted by the use of a cordless drill. This technology brings to an end the need to drag along thirty or forty meters of electricity cables across the floor. The cordless drill allows you to reach roofs, cupboards, basements, under sinks and even tunnels. The cordless features will enable a worker to undertake quality and high-level projects.




Electricity cables expose workers, bystanders, and passersby to extreme dangers. Children running around do not know the gravity of the threat posed by the crisscrossing wires and this will ultimately lead to unwanted accidents around the workplace. In this regard, cordless drills have been deemed as opportune developments in enhancing safety in the workplace. In most cases the electric wires are naked, and this scenario can be tragic to anyone in the vicinity.

Inbuilt work light

The flexibility and convenience caused by the cordless drill will lead you to dark and remote areas in or outside the room. The cordless drills are thereby equipped with an inbuilt LED work light which will adequately illuminate your path. This feature will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your work as well increase your speed.


Prolonged battery life

Lithium-ion batteries are the icing to what is already a very attractive form of technology. These batteries have been established to have a reduced memory effect, enhanced battery capacity and complete charging. Also, the battery is light, and this makes it suitable for projects that are strenuous and involving. Longer battery life means that you are able to save on electricity costs incurred in recharging them.